I'm Chelle and I want to make you intrigued.

Here are some things I've written, funny moments with friends, and photos that I like. Enjoy!

classy ends at midnight


love letters never delivered

dear __,

we have so much in common, yet we are worlds apart. i felt a spark to you from the very start. now you’ve gone and stolen my heart. if i listed all the reasons i like you, it would look like a chart. 
(clink clink clink)

i love this sound of your longboard as you push and glide past me. one of these nights, i hope you finally see…because i’m running out of excuses to be around you. but boy i’m so glad to have found you. everything you say and do, sounds like it’s taken straight from my thoughts. 

 yet, sadly my intentions are something i’m too afraid to mention. all throughout the day, my lust seems to sway, inside of me. and unwillingly, i give in to images of you in my bed, why can’t i get you out of my head? i fear your assumed attraction to me is dead, or maybe still holding a weakening pulse. so my dear, what do i do? i’m trying to make it clear to you. 

your smile makes me calm, while your body turns me on. and this conflicting emotion makes my head feel like an ocean. complete with clashing waves and queasy uncertainty, all in hopes that some day you’ll belong to me.  

if i was brave, i’d give you this note. but instead i’ll take it to the grave with a prayer and some hope.

Your eyes always subtly shift to mine and I wonder, if you want to look so much why not touch?

—Love Letters Never Delivered


I’m flawed, yet I’m perfect. I am, yet I aren’t. I’m seduced but I’m chaste. I’m confused yet I’m certain. I’m a user, but I’m not a druggie. A saint, yet a sinner. A sex fiend, yet a virgin. I’m sick but I’m getting better. I’m finished but I haven’t started. I’m unconscious yet awake. I’m stupid but I’m wise. I’m just a list of contradictions…



Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 
Ghost is the part that sticks out the most.
Where is He, who you speak of?

I know I feel his love, but damn man, what the fuck is His plan? So many questions, not enough answers. So little time, but I can’t see the clock. When will be the day when my heart stops…tick tock, tick tock.

I hear it’s sound like white noise… it’s the soundtrack to life. All this struggle and too much strife. Bitches act trife, but in the end I still love life. I’m clinging to my moments of bliss but shot after, shot and a lot of em I miss.

Are you there hope? Are you still in my heart? Raise your hand and take a stand. Some days I wake up and wonder why I’m here. But I give it a try and get out of bed. But still, these thoughts get trapped in my head. Till I get em on paper, then they are released. And when my pen hits the page, I am finally freed. 

This is me in Cabo last summer. It represents the vacation well ;)

This is me in Cabo last summer. It represents the vacation well ;)

I like hookah. 

I like hookah. 

I really dig cool trees.

I really dig cool trees.


The beauty of the coast is comparable to the softness of his skin. Wildly unimaginative yet slick, inviting and refined. I look at him and imagine his hands in mine. How come what tastes so sweet is really swine and now is bitter like a lime. Hey Regis, where is my fucking life line now? And also, answer me, how? How did it get so bleak, you and I now act so meek. Like little mice sharing a cage for two, I feel like I’m joined to you. 

Through the blues, the rattling cage forming a coo-coo in my shoe. This isn’t true, I’ve given all I have to you. But here I sit and I already quit trying to get your attention. Oh, and did I forget to mention…that boy we didn’t have to be anything great. Maybe just a mini-dessert date. 

I’ve got a hell of a sweet tooth and you’re rotten to the core and in my thighs burns a hunger for more. And no silly, I’m not a whore. Just a woman concealing pores. For fear anything float in and cause a ripple effect..of memories once forgotten and a heart too often left down-trodden. 

when littles girl had to grow up too fast. 1/18/2011

always assume you have been stranded.

stay calm and be resourceful.

it’s not your fault, just the way it is.

some things never change.

keep your head up as you call but no one answers.

everyone’s out to get you, no they really are.

wait it out and waste your time like she wasted mine.