I'm Chelle and I want to make you intrigued.

Here are some things I've written, funny moments with friends, and photos that I like. Enjoy!

BLUES 1/11/11

sometimes i just see your face in my mind.forever smiling in time. lately, i’ve been stuck on rewind…see, i wanted a little more of his time and now i sit here smoking’ on this dime.

trying to figure out what’s going on, and why we haven’t spoken in so long. it’s been too long since i’ve heard “our song” and i wonder if it’s still in your most played playlist, and on the compact disc, that i made you.

before i ever played you. and i fucking hate it when you overuse the word “true”. no dummy, it doesn’t sound cool. you’re just steady looking like a fool. so, you pop your meeds and drown in your own drool.

look at you, skating the pool of a dogtownesque scene. all played out just like a dream. i’m slowly selling out to the million dollar scheme. fondling the crotch of the so-called american dream.

MAN, I JUST WANNA FUCKING SCREAM. take a chill pill, dude. you’re ripping at the seams and hear the voices my mind screams. they say who are you? i see right through you. don’t fall into the blue. 

into the blue, the blue, the blue. what ever you do, don’t let it overtake you. because baby, just maybe you’re stronger than the blues.  

And some day far far away, you will become a distant memory. A somewhat vivid blur like all the others.


youthful rantings of my insomniac-prone mind

‎I’m becoming so skinny cause the lines are so fat. 
my mucas is flowing like it was set free from a trap.
we base our decisions on releasing summer time inhibitions.

all the while, taking time to experiment with various addictions.
we feed our adrenaline-jacked bodies a remedy of disaster.
yes, some nights we get a little too plastered. 
still, take a chance and show some skin. 
and don’t forget to not fall in. 

cause the rabbit holes tend to go deeper and deeper.
and no one likes an unexpected visit from the reaper.
so, whether you do a line or jump from a roof, let go this summer and leave some proof.
of a youth once crazy with mistakes, but not regrets.
and times you’ll certainly never forget

so i sold out and got a tumblr.

actually, that would be an incorrect statement. i got one to see if it lives up to the hype; to see how my friends have gotten so “addicted to tumblr”. also, i have gotten it because i feel like i have interesting things to say. but fuck it, a lot of people share that same reasoning on the internet and they are usually wrong. so, i can say that i’m going to say things i never say to anyone. i’m going to actually claim the crazy rantings that i have so long held dear to me but feel awkward sharing aloud. and i couldn’t be more thrilled.